eIDAS, Trust Application Services, ETSI and CA/B-Forum requirements

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On November 28, 2017 the ninth workshop on the subject of "TSP compliance info day on eIDAS, Trust Application Services, ETSI and CA/B-Forum requirements“ was hold by TÜViT, in cooperation with ETSI and Bundesdruckerei in Berlin.

This event offered interesting presentations by international speakers on all aspects of the new eIDAS Regulation and its impact on Trust Service Providers.

New cybersecurity landscape in the EUSlawomir Gorniak
Latest updates on CEN/ETSI standardization under eIDASNick Pope
Tahles e-Security
News from CA/Browser ForumArno Fiedler
Nimbus Technologieberatung
Trust in products vs. Trust in ecosystems – A paradigm shift?Dr. Kim Nguyen
„Beyond server signing…“Kalev Pihl / Katrin Laas-Mikko
SK ID Solutions AS
Conformity Assessment of Trust Service Modules using the example of VideoIdentMatthias Wiedenhorst / Boryana Uri
Server Signing QSCD Protection ProfileJan Kjærsgaard
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