Your Feedback: 9. CA-Day 2017 in Berlin

Feedback 9. CA-Day 2017

Please rate the following points

(1= excellent; 2= very good; 3= good; 4= fair; 5= poor)

1. Organization before the event

2. Location

3. Event

4. Presentations

Welcome from the Management Board (TÜViT)

New cybersecurity landscape in the EU (ENISA)

Latest updates on CEN/ETSI standardization under eIDAS (Thales e-Security)

News from CA/Browser Forum (Nimbus Technologieberatung)

Trust in products vs. Trust in ecosystems – A paradigm shift? (Bundesdruckerei)

„Beyond server signing…“ (SK ID Solutions AS)

Conformity Assessment of Trust Service Modules using the example of VideoIdent (TÜViT)

Server Signing QSCD Protection Profile (Cryptomathic)

5. Organization during event

6. Overall estimation

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