Cash register: TÜViT has successfully audited the first cloud-based technical security system for POS systems

Cloud solution from Bundesdruckerei subsidiary D-TRUST and Deutsche Fiskal receives BSI certificate acc. to TR-03153.

The joint cloud solution of the Bundesdruckerei (Federal Printing Office) subsidiary D-TRUST and Deutsche Fiskal has been awarded with the BSI certificate in accordance with TR-03153. TÜViT audited the cloud-based technical security system (TSS) and supported it throughout the certification process.

Months of work are now behind everyone involved: They have designed, developed, tested and constantly optimized. Now it is finally complete: Successful certification in accordance with BSI TR-03153. It was awarded to the jointly developed cloud-based TSS of the Bundesdruckerei subsidiary D-TRUST and Deutsche Fiskal. The two companies were accompanied on their path to BSI certification by TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH (TÜViT), which audited the cloud solution for compliance with the requirements of TR-03153 and prepared a corresponding report for submission to BSI. After a thorough audit, the authority has now issued the TR certificate - just in time for the end of the period of non-objection.

The successful certification proves that the TSS cloud adequately meets the requirements of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) as well as the requirements of the Cash Register Security Order (Kassensicherungsverordnung - KassenSichV). "We are pleased and proud that our completely new solution based on state-of-the-art technology is the first certified TSS cloud on the market. As a supplement to the hardware solution, we offer a technological implementation of the cash register law that many customers have requested", says Dr. Kim Nguyen, Managing Director of D-TRUST GmbH. The Fiskal Cloud is a TSS solution for Windows and Linux based systems, which enables all POS system entries to be logged and electronically signed at the start of the recording process, regardless of the location of the cash register system. This is accompanied by lower installation and maintenance costs, as individual changes are avoided and any necessary adjustments only have to be implemented once centrally within the cloud.

TÜViT is also pleased about the completed certification. "As the product is the first cloud-based TSS solution we have subjected to a certification process, the project was also initially uncharted territory for us. We are all the more satisfied that all of the tests were carried out successfully and that the deadline September 30 was met," says Dirk Kretzschmar, Managing Director of TÜV Informationstechnik GmbH.

While the KassenSichV initially required that all recording systems have a certified TSS from January 2020, the Federal Ministry of Finance (BMF) gave companies time until the end of September in the form of a non-objection rule for implementation. In view of the current corona situation, all German states except Bremen are granting a further postponement until March 31, 2021 under certain conditions. TÜViT continues to offer manufacturers of cash register systems the legally required audit according to TR-03153 and accompanies them throughout the entire certification process.

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