Our eIDAS.PROFESSIONAL training course provides the participants with extensive information on the requirements of eIDAS with regard to trust services in conjunction with EU Regulation No. 910/2014. This makes it possible to match the requirements to the various trust services according to eIDAS and compare these to the relevant ETSI standards.


The eIDAS.PROFESSIONALS listed here have satisfied the following requirements:

eIDAS.PROFESSIONALS do not work on behalf of TÜViT and are not eIDAS examiners or experts authorized by TÜViT. Furthermore, no statement is made about the specific professional qualifications of the eIDAS.PROFESSIONALS.

The eIDAS.PROFESSIONAL status is valid for 24 months and can be extended for a further 24 months within the framework of a one-day eIDAS.UPDATE training course.


Name First name Company Country Valid untill
Bagnert Lars Go-HBD AB Sweden 09.10.2022
Kessler Maike WebID Solutions GmbH Germany 29.03.2021
Laß Eric WebID Solutions GmbH Germany 29.03.2021
Moehn Manfred Swisscom AG Switzerland 09.10.2022
Morgan Blake Entrust Datacard UK 29.03.2021
Pohjaniemi Tommi Vipps AS Norway 29.03.2021
Schiekel Tom Softline Solutions GmbH Germany 29.03.2021
van de Hesseweg René KPN Netherlands 22.11.2021
Voge Mario Swisscom AG Switzerland 09.10.2022
von Reinersdorff Denisa MediaMarktSaturn Technology Germany 09.10.2022
Wakkerman Johannes KPN Netherlands 22.11.2021
Zauner Michael MediaMarktSaturn Technology Germany 09.10.2022

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