Minimizing project risks through professional planning and implementation

The boundary conditions in IT are demanding. Functionality, budget, schedule and quality are the cornerstones of the fiercely contested magic square in IT project management. Project management methods have become established to ensure that projects take place within an orderly framework. The application of these increases the chance of success, and reduces project risks.


Objectives of project management

Even small errors in project management can result in significant negative consequences. For projects to be conducted successfully and concluded with the desired results, structured project management is imperative.

In truth, even the most complex IT projects can be precisely planned, controlled and monitored. Using the three key dimensions of scope, costs and schedule, project managers develop clear targets, including quality targets and scope. During the implementation phase, monitoring plays an essential role. This allows risks to be identified. In the event of non-conformances, the responsible parties gain sufficient time either to take effective countermeasures, or if necessary to activate the emergency brakes.

Our procedure

Procedure of project management Procedure of project management Procedure of project management Procedure of project management

Standards and methods

We work on the basis of common standards and methods, such as PMBOK® Guide and the V-Model XT, which is used in public administration.

For the implementation of PMOs in public administration, TÜViT was involved in the development of a methodology manual, which has been certified according to the V-Model XT. Thus, a certified process description is available for the first time to simplify the application of the V-Model XT to IT projects in public administration.

Our services at a glance

  • coaching of project manager and project team
  • taking over of operational project management tasks
  • consulting on the introduction or adaptation of project management standards and methods
  • performance of project audits

Your benefits at a glance

  • you have access to 15 years of know-how in project management, the public sector
  • neutral and independent consulting
  • safeguarding the quality of project implementation
  • reducing the workload of the project team

Project example

Federal Institute for Research on Building, Urban Affairs and Spatial Development (BBSR)

TÜViT has been supporting the project “Integrated Spatial Information System (IRIS)” since 2011. In a first step, IRIS consolidates the dispersed regional statistical data inventories of the BBSR into a central data storage (IRIS I). In future, IRIS will form the technical basis for information provided by the BBSR to various buyers.

In the first project stage, TÜViT supported the actual situation analysis and created the basic concept. After the decision on the project progress, TÜViT supported the creation of the technical specifications for the IRIS I phase, supported the project management, and prepared the cost-effectiveness analysis.

During the invitation to tender, TÜViT took control of operational tasks, e.g. the preparation of assessment matrices and quotation forms.

During the implementation phase, TÜViT took on the role of Quality Assurance Officer, planned and supported the contractor controlling, and was operationally involved in the functional tests and change management.