Over 25 years of experience in IT security

Why choose TÜVIT

The trust placed in the security of IT products is a major competitive advantage. The earlier our independent IT security experts come on board, the lower the project costs turn out, because they identify vulnerabilities or process failures at an early stage. This also results in a faster rollout of products and services.

Whether, e.g., smartphones, credit cards, a new personal ID card, or a healthcare ID: the key element is an integrated chip with all the relevant data, such as the identity of the owner, fingerprints, or the PIN code. These systems and applications are used daily by millions, and TÜVIT inspects them as an independent institution. TÜV seal and certificates (“Tested by TÜV”) create trust in the reliability of IT products and services that users expect.

Building a trusting and cooperative relationship with our clients is particularly important to us. We leverage all of our assets: deep expertise, high standards of quality, commitment to objectivity and the resources of our dedicated IT security experts.

Over 50 per cent of the DAX 30 and many international companies already benefit from TÜVIT-tested security.