Corporate Social Responsibility – Our responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility – Our responsibility

Our path to ensuring corporate social responsibility (CSR)

Responsibility and sustainability are the basis of our corporate activities and are reflected as important guiding values in our business activities and our corporate culture. 


45 %

reduction in our CO2 emissions by 2025. 



the TÜV NORD GROUP – and therefore also TÜVIT – will be climate-neutral.

Among more than


companies assessed, the TÜV NORD GROUP ranks in the top 5 percent according to the EcoVadis sustainability ranking.

„For us, companies, the environment and people belong together. Our goal: TÜV NORD GROUP will be climate-neutral by 2030. To achieve this, we offer our customers a growing portfolio of services.“

Dirk Kretzschmar, CEO TÜV Informationstechnik

Values & responsibility

Our clients are the focus of everything we do
We enable them to concentrate on their core business by reliably protecting their ICT systems. 

Our employees are the key to our success
ICT security is part of their DNA. We promote the sustainable development of their skills and advocate a better work-life balance. 

Our diversity opens up new opportunities
We cooperate globally with selected partners and bundle important competencies.


Our culture of innovation points to the future
We assert ourselves on the market through agility, curiosity in progress and a high willingness to change. 

Our integrity is the basis of all our actions
As a neutral body, we always maintain our independence.

Our sustainability opens up paths into the future
We pay particular attention to the economic, ecological and social impact of our decisions and actions.

We link our corporate success to the contribution we make to the sustainable development of the economy, society and the environment.

In the 2022 Progress Report, the TÜV NORD GROUP presents its efforts and successes in the areas of responsibility and sustainability and shows which measures have been taken to make a positive contribution to the environment and society. The focus is particularly on the changes and highlights of 2022 and the achievement of the CR Roadmap targets. 

Holistic management approach: focus on 3 fields of action



The sustainable nature of products and services in the portfolio and the sustainable provision of services are criteria that influence strategic and operational decisions.


Through sustainable, respectful, motivating and responsible action, we create a working environment that puts "people" at the center of our activities.


The TÜV NORD GROUP has set itself the goal of climate neutrality by 2030 and the avoidance of substances that are harmful to the environment and health.


Sustainable management

Our topics in the "Company" field of action

IT security for the energy transition

The integration of Controllable Local Systems (CLS) into the German smart meter system is an important prerequisite for the energy transition & digitalization of the energy industry. TÜVIT is developing the necessary secure specifications for the BSI.

Sustainability Assessments

The TÜV NORD GROUP promotes ideas and concepts that contribute to sustainable development. For this reason, all innovation projects in the German companies have been evaluated as part of sustainability assessments since 2020.

Digital Inspection Assistant

With the Digital Inspection Assistant, we are relying on an innovative tool that digitizes the inspection and certification process in the long term. Using the combination of mobile app and knowledge database, we can identify clusters of typical problems, show the customer developments in recurring tests and further improve the quality of the test results.

Being an attractive & responsible employer

Our topics in the "People" field of action


TÜVIT promotes the IT education at schools with IT2School. IT2School gives pupils a look behind the scenes of the digital world and teaches them the basics of information and communication technology and artificial intelligence.

Specialist careers (Expert, Senior, Principal)

We offer specialist career paths to primarily high-performing and ambitious employees, enabling them to become experts in their field even without personnel responsibility.

Membership in BITSI e.V.

TÜVIT is a member of the Bochum Association for the Promotion of IT Security and Computer Science. The aim of the association is to bundle the strengths of the Bochum IT ecosystem, to facilitate the exchange between science and industry and to provide sustainable support for research and teaching.

Occupational health management (OHM)

The health of our employees is particularly important to us. This is why occupational health management is an integral part of our corporate culture. This includes various health measures and seminars.

Testing the Corona Warning App

TÜVIT has tested the Corona Warning App for IT security and data protection, thereby helping to increase the public's trust in the app on the one hand and to contain the spread of the coronavirus digitally on the other.

Achieving climate neutrality

Our topics in the "Environment" field of action

Environmentally friendly travel behavior

We prioritize digital meetings, avoid domestic flights and create incentives for the BahnCard100 and environmentally friendly company cars. There are 40 electric charging points available at our Essen site for this purpose. We offset necessary air travel by making compensation payments to suitable climate protection projects.

Increasing energy efficiency in buildings

At the end of 2021, TÜVIT moved into new offices in the TÜV NORD Technology Park in Essen, which are supplied with green electricity and climate-friendly district heating. We are also reducing energy consumption per employee by increasingly introducing shared desk models and combining them with the offer of location-flexible working.

Resource economy and efficiency

Since 2022, employees from the TÜV NORD GROUP's IT department have been refurbishing decommissioned laptops by removing functional parts and reusing them as spare parts. In this way, we reduce the amount of harmful chemicals and metals disposed of.