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Electronic transactions between citizens, companies and public administration bodies are part of the digital age. In the Internet of Things, technical components communicate with one another directly – without further human intervention. Without secure and legally recognised communication pathways in online transactions, these interactions would not work properly. Systems and solutions for secure electronic transactions and identity verification are indispensable. This includes e.g. electronic identification (eID) and trust services. TÜViT has been testing trust services and their products for 15 years.

TÜViT supports trust service providers in the planning or further development of their services, as well as in the testing and even certification under eIDAS, ETSI or the Technical Guidelines of the Federal Office of Information Security (BSI). In addition, the IT security service provider supports industrial and energy companies as a partner when they are setting up or expanding a standard-compliant PKI. TÜViT has implemented over 500 PKI projects of different sizes, some of them spanning across all of Europe.


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