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Data Centers / Colocation / Cloud Infrastructures

The impact of digitalization is unstoppable: Business-critical processes are operated digitally and conferences are held online. Streaming services are shooting up like mushrooms and 5G is reshaping the industry. Industry 4.0 is also on the verge of a massive digital transformation. It quickly becomes clear:

Data centers are more important than ever for companies and private individuals. They form the backbone of digitalization and are the exchange points of critical IT infrastructures. We live in an increasingly globally networked world.

For operators of data centers as well as for their users it is crucial for success: security risks must be professionally assessed.

TÜViT has been doing this for 20 years now with "Trusted Site Infrastructure - TSI". A proven standard in the data center market and matured over the years into a valuable procedure, TSI guarantees the physical security and high reliability of mission critical infrastructures in data centers. At its heart is our increasingly sought-after TSI certificate, which proves TSI-compliant implementation.

With our evolved TSI.ECOSYSTEM we create added value for our customers and the market. Our competencies, methods and services ensure transparency, comparability and security throughout the entire life cycle of your data center.

In doing so, we always keep in mind the goal of identifying weak points as early as possible, which would otherwise lead to high correction costs, availability restrictions or even the downtime of a data center later on.

Latest news

TÜVIT certifies first data center in the Baltic States according to EN 50600


Largest data center in the Baltic States successfully certified acc. to TSI.EN50600! For almost 2,5 years TÜVIT accompanied the Greenergy data center project – from the planning of the data center through the construction to the successful certification according to the European data center standard. The certificate, which has now been officially handed over in Tallinn, proves that the new data center meets very high requirements for security and availability. Congratulations, Greenergy Data Centers, on successful certification! 

TÜViT at Green Data Center Conference



Sustainability and energy efficiency are the key topics at the Green Data Center Conference of the Dutch Data Center Association. As part of this, TÜViT expert Marc Wilkens will speak about energy efficiency standards for data centers and how they can be implemented. 

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TÜViT at Data Centre World in Singapore



When the data center community meets at Data Centre World Singapore in mid-October, TÜViT can't be missing! In a presentation, data center expert Mario Lukas will speak about how data centers can be certified according to EN 50600/ISO 22237, based on the proven and globally recognized TÜViT Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) method. In addition, you can also meet us at booth K43. We are looking forward to your visit!  

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TÜViT expert Karim Marcel Odeh about sustainability in data centers


"One would like to see governments introduce stricter laws regarding sustainability compliance in the data center industry", says TÜViT expert Karim Marcel Odeh. In a commentary, he summarizes what he hopes for the industry in the future and why sustainability goals are so important. 

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