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In conjunction with the development of cloud computing, increasing digitalization and the Internet of Things, data centers are developing more than ever into nodal points for IT infrastructures. The following aspects are critical to the business of data center operators and their users: it must be possible to objectively identify vulnerabilities and professionally assess security risks. TÜViT has been doing this since 2002.

We have a 25-strong team of experienced auditors and technical experts who assess and certify data centers according to the specially developed TSI criteria catalog (Trusted Site Infrastructure). TSI fully covers the European data center standard EN 50600. Data center operators which are certified according to TSI and EN 50600 prove that they are using state-of-the-art technology in order to achieve maximum availability of the data center infrastructure.


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Certification of Alarm Receiving Centers

TÜViT offers certification of alarm receiving centers in four different protection levels. On the basis of the TSA criteria catalog (TSA: Trusted Site Alarm Receiving Center), operators can choose whether to fully comply with the EN standard 50518 or to confirm the maturity of the implementation in clearly defined levels.
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Penetration Tests

As a certified IT security service provider for penetrationtesting we identify and eliminate organizational and technical security vulnerabilities.
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ISO 27001

As a certified IT security service provider by the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI), TÜViT supports companies and public authorities with the planning, implementation, monitoring and continuous improvement of their information security management system.
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With a certification under ISO 27001 based on the “BSI IT-Grundschutz” standard, you show your customers and business partners the importance you associate with IT security, since the level of your information security fulfills the requirements of the BSI.
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