The new TSI.EN50600 V2.1!

Since 2017, TÜVIT has published the native criteria catalog TSI.EN50600 for the evaluation and certification of EN 50600 standard conformity. The TSI.EN50600 criteria catalog adopts the proven systematics from the TSI.STANDARD criteria catalog and maps all target requirements of the standard into test criteria in terms of content. TSI.EN50600 thus makes the standard, which is designed as a guideline, testable and certifiable.

Certificates issued on this basis as part of certification projects document that the data center is compliant with DIN EN 50600 and 

  • has implemented one of 4 availability classes,
  • has realized at least protection classes 1-3, and
  • has the energy efficiency capability according to one of 3 granularity levels.

The latest version V2.1 dated 01.01.2024 replaces the previous version V2.0 from 1.4.2020 and will be agreed as the basis for future evaluation and certification projects.

For all existing customer projects, the V2.0 catalog can still be used under certain conditions:

  1. … the old catalog version is valid for 1 year from the date of commissioning.
  2. … a transition period of 3 years applies if a design assessment was previously carried out on the basis of the previous version.

Overview of the changes

Significant changes between V2.0 and V2.1:

  • Adaptation to the updated standard parts EN 50600-2-1 & EN 50600-2-5
  • Integration of the module/aspect EFF, which has already been proven many times in TSI.STANDARD (since V4.3). If the defined requirements are met, the EN 50600 certificate receives an additional PUE award. In addition, this award is also shown in the publicly accessible certificate list.


  • Introduction of a supplementary procedure for modular data center concepts:
    EN 50600|ready: Providers of modular data center concepts can obtain a pre-certification for their system. End customers/operators then only need a small delta test to obtain an original EN 50600 certificate (if the test result is positive).
  • Editorial changes, spelling corrections, wording clarifications, adaptation to the new corporate design.

The criteria catalog TSI.EN50600 V2.1 covers the following parts of the standard:

  • DIN EN 50600-1, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Part 1: General aspects for design and specification
  • DIN EN 50600-2-1, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Part 2-1: Building construction
  • DIN EN 50600-2-2, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Part 2-2: Power supply
  • DIN EN 50600-2-3, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Part 2-3: Control of ambient conditions
  • DIN EN 50600-2-4, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Teil 2-4: Telecommunications cabling infrastructure
  • DIN EN 50600-2-5, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Teil 2-5: Fuse systems
  • DIN EN 50600-3-1, Information technology – Data centre facilities and infrastructures – Teil 3-1: Information for management and operation

Request catalog for free now!


TSI certified (and in-process) customers, TSI.PARTNERS and TSI.PROFESSIONALs can now request their PDF copy of the new TSI.EN50600 V2.1 free of charge.*

For interested parties who do not have a contractual relationship with TÜVIT yet, we offer one-day orientation workshops. During the workshop, you will receive a digital copy of the current criteria catalog.

* We first subject all requests to an individual eligibility check. Following this, you will receive feedback as to whether you are entitled to the criteria catalog. This process may take some time, so we ask for your patience.

Criteria Catalog TSI.EN50600

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