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Achieving strong industrial security with IEC 62443 Certified Semiconductors

In the joint white paper with Infineon Technologies, we provide an overview of the IEC 62443 series and description of the process to achieve an IEC 62443 certification.

What you need to know about the EN 50600

Our free whitepaper is focused on providing an overview of the European standard for data centers EN 50600 and how a data center operator can reach a conformity to the standard.

Identification components according to eIDAS

Our white paper will familiarize you with the requirements for secure identification according to eIDAS and ETSI standards, introduce you to the concept of eIDAS-certified component services - especially identification services - as well as their structure and potential pitfalls, and shed light on successful certification.

White Paper Post-Quantum Cryptography

In our whitepaper we give an overview of how quantum computers will break today’s crypto, show how Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) can effectively prevent this scenario, consider implementation aspects and show that all know-how for secure implementation of classical cryptography will also be necessary for PQC.

FIA study: On-board Telematics Platform Security

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has asked TUVIT to conduct a study on how a cybersecurity architecture as part of the On-board Telematics Platform (OTP) can ensure data protection as well as IT security of a connected vehicle and the interconnected traffic as a precondition for future fully automated driving.

White Paper Industrial Security Based On IEC 62443

This white paper gives a brief explanation of the use of IEC 62443 in the process and automation industry. The aim of the white paper is to provide a basic understanding of IEC 62443.

White Paper Data Center Certification

The white paper explains in detail which processes and stakeholders play a role in certifications. Moreover, it explains what has to be taken into account when choosing evaluation bodies.

Biometrics Evaluation and Testing (BEAT)

Over the last four years TUViT participated in the BEAT Project - a project funded under the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Commission. As part of the project, 4 partners developed a guide for the Common Criteria evaluation of biometric technology, considering all the current aspects of Common Criteria and biometric technology.
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