FIA study: On-board Telematics Platform Security

The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has asked TUVIT (the digital innovation member of the TÜV NORD company group) to conduct a study on how a cybersecurity architecture as part of the On-board Telematics Platform (OTP) can ensure data protection as well as IT security of a connected vehicle and the interconnected traffic as a precondition for future fully automated driving.

The report linked below

  • describes a model design of security functionalities modularized in different security layers,
  • suggests the grouping of different automotive stakeholders to suitable access roles
  • so that an Automotive Gateway (A-GW) inside the vehicle could control any remote access in a secure way and
  • during the whole lifetime.

In addition to this report a protection profile of the key component Automotive Gateway (A-GW) acc. to the Common Criteria has been specified that could be used as a formal specification for any vendor. The latest studies and governmental activities on secure connected driving and interconnected traffic were taken into account and the resulting approach of the OTP covers state-of-the art technologies of the IT security industry.

Both documents (report and PP) are available under: