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In focus

TÜViT offers new evaluation service for embedded systems microchips

Firmware updates are intended to improve a product’s functionality and security, but at the same time, an insecure firmware updater is the ideal mechanism for attackers to hijack a device. TÜViT has developed a new approach that makes it possible to test, evaluate and certify the firmware updater, irrespective of the actual solution-specific firmware.

Further Topics

TÜViT specifies cybersecurity architecture for On-board Telematics Platform (OTP)
The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has asked TÜViT to conduct a study on how a cybersecurity architecture as part of the On-board Telematics Platform (OTP) can ensure data protection as well as IT security of a connected vehicle and the interconnected traffic as a precondition for future fully automated driving.
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TÜViT tests the IT and Data Security of the Corona Warning App
The IT security of the Corona Warning App and its compliance with the data protection principles are now to be checked by an independent body. TÜViT was recently awarded the contract for this by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI).
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LabHive: Development of a Digital Platform in the Fight against Covid-19
"Spread the test - beat the virus" is the motto of the LabHive digital platform, in which the two TÜViT working students Philipp Nieting & Kenneth Ruiz Eiro played a decisive role. Their responsibilities: Programming & data protection.
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Customer information: Dealing with Corona
Due to the Corona crisis, we as TÜViT have also taken measures to protect our employees & customers in the best possible way and to continue our services of consulting, testing & certification.
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Remote audits: Auditing from a distance
REMOTE instead of ON-SITE: From now on, we make many consultations, workshops and audits / certifications possible via digital communication. Find out which of our services we currently offer remotely or in modified form.
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Interview Social Engineering
Social Engineering: People as security vulnerabilities
Social engineering is a method of manipulating people to reveal confidential information through targeted interpersonal manipulation. TÜViT expert Tobias Kippert explains how employees can be sensitized.
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TÜViT awards the 500th TSI certificate
Certificate ceremony with anniversary character: Rechenzentrum Würzburg GmbH (RZW) has now officially confirmed the security and high availability of its data center.
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Social media news

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Achieving strong industrial security with IEC 62443 Certified Semiconductors
In the joint white paper with Infineon Technologies, we provide an overview of the IEC 62443 series and description of the process to achieve an IEC 62443 certification.
What you need to know about the EN 50600
Our free whitepaper is focused on providing an overview of the European standard for data centers EN 50600 and how a data center operator can reach a conformity to the standard.
Identification components according to eIDAS
Our white paper will familiarize you with the requirements for secure identification according to eIDAS and ETSI standards, introduce you to the concept of eIDAS-certified component services - especially identification services - as well as their structure and potential pitfalls, and shed light on successful certification.
White Paper Post-Quantum Cryptography
In our whitepaper we give an overview of how quantum computers will break today’s crypto, show how Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) can effectively prevent this scenario, consider implementation aspects and show that all know-how for secure implementation of classical cryptography will also be necessary for PQC.
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FIA study: On-board Telematics Platform Security
The International Automobile Federation (FIA) has asked TUViT to conduct a study on how a cybersecurity architecture as part of the On-board Telematics Platform (OTP) can ensure data protection as well as IT security of a connected vehicle and the interconnected traffic as a precondition for future fully automated driving.
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White Paper IEC 62443
Our white paper gives you a basic understanding of IEC 62443: Learn more about the use and components of this standard in the process and automation industry.
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White Paper Data Center
Are you looking for the right certification for your data center? The white paper explains in detail which processes and stakeholders play a role in certification and what has to be taken into account when choosing evaluation bodies.
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What is an eSIM?
The smartphone goes on, and it’s in with the SIM card: Ever since there have been mobile phones, we’ve had to deal with these little plastic cards. Not for much longer, if the eSIM gets its way. Marc Le Guin from TÜViT explains the advantages it offers and why it is only slowly winning over the doubters.
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Heating with data
Streaming, shopping, surfing, gambling - increasing amounts of data are racing through the web every day. At the same time, however, the flood of data is also increasing the energy requirements of the data centers behind it - at the expense of the environment. Read the article to find out which innovative ideas operators are already using to make their data centers more energy-efficient and how #TÜViT expert Marc Wilkens rates them.
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What is post-quantum cryptography?
Quantum computers promise a computing capacity that today's computers can only dream of. This holds many opportunities, but also challenges. TÜViT expert Lucie Plaga explains in an interview what problems the quantum era poses for today's encryption methods and what lies behind post-quantum cryptography.
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What is FIDO2?
There’s a well-known issue with passwords: Simple passwords are easy to crack, but secure ones are hard to remember. The idea behind the FIDO project is to supplement passwords and, in the medium term, to replace them altogether. Christoph Bayer, IT security expert at TÜViT, explains how the principle works and what makes it different from and safer than previous procedures.
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An app for the crisis
It has been under discussion since March, and now the German “Coronavirus Warning App" is available for download. The app is designed to help detect and break transmission chains more quickly. How does the German warning app work, what’s the story with data protection, and what experience have other countries had with similar apps? Here’s an overview.
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Nine tips for secure passwords
Passwords – everyone needs them, but nobody likes them, and hardly anyone can remember them, which is why too many people still opt for 12345. But we all know that insecure passwords are an invitation to cybercriminals. Security expert Tobias Kippert from TÜViT explains what you should consider when choosing a password and where you should store your passwords.
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What is two-factor authentication?
A lot of online accounts - e-mail, online retail and digital payment services, to name but a few - are chock full of sensitive data. The idea behind two-factor authentication is to ensure that hackers can’t get into private accounts even if they have managed to get hold of the password. IT-Security expert Christoph Bayer from TÜViT explains how this security instrument works.
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Is the Internet clogging up?
Video conferencing, online gaming, Netflix & Co.: these days, professional and social life has almost completely shifted to the Internet. Is the Internet capable of coping with this abrupt increase in demand? Manuel Sainz of TÜV NORD IT Secure Communications explains how the crisis is affecting things, where bottlenecks might arise and what you can do at home to ensure that the Internet functions as fluidly as possible.
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So what exactly is 5G?
Waiting in the wings is a new standard in the form of 5G that is predicted to be 20 times faster than the fastest mobile telephony network currently operating. As well as offering more efficient streaming for users, 5G is also poised to usher in the age of autonomous and networked driving. Not to mention its role in advancing the causes of the Smart City, Industry 4.0 and telemedicine.
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What is a smart meter gateway?
The electricity grid of the future will need to be able to respond with flexibility to these fluctuations. To do so, it will need information about electricity generation and the consumption of individual households. Markus Bartsch from TÜViT explains the role to be played here by smart meter gateways, why their security is so crucial, and what makes them so unique internationally.
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What changes is the new European General Data Protection Regulation going to bring about?
On 25 May 2018, it all changes. Because that’s when the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. As of this date, stiff penalties may be imposed for breaches of the data protection provisions. Even so, some companies haven't yet got to grips with the new directive. #explore explains what companies, website operators and users have to look forward to.
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What are the implications of smart video surveillance for data protection?
Video cameras designed to use facial recognition to identify criminals, terrorists or other individuals of concern are already in use on a trial basis at Berlin Südkreuz railway station. This project of the German Ministry of the Interior has sparked fierce controversy around the questions of the legal basis for the use of smart video surveillance and its implications for data protection.
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What is Privacy by Design?
It always used to be the case that data protection was at the bottom of the pile when it came to software development. Privacy by Design is now set to change this. Thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation, this principle is even going to be mandatory for companies as of 25 May 2018. Jörg Schlißke explains what's behind the concept and how it will improve data protection for users.
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The truth about fake news
Fake news is now so well camouflaged that, to the untrained eye, it’s very difficult to recognise it as fabricated. But what exactly is fake news? How do false reports spread, and how can you identify them? These and other interesting questions are answered in an interview with Dirk Kretzschmar.
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Software developers.
What is Security by Design?
Software, hardware and security are subjects that have always been very closely linked. And yet, in the light of increasing networking with the Internet, they will have to dovetail even more closely in the future if protection is to be guaranteed. This is why TÜV NORD is continuing to promote the principle of "Security by Design". Markus Wagner from TÜViT explains exactly what this is all about in a short interview.
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What are the Common Criteria?
Against the backdrop of an increasingly networked world and the need for ever greater security in the field of IT, the Common Criteria (CC) are growing in importance. In a short interview, Markus Wagner from TÜViT explains what this term actually means and how IT products, components and systems are becoming safer thanks to CC.
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Digital Society Institute
Security policy, cyber security, data protection and privacy: these are issues close to Isabel Skierka’s heart. The young political scientist is engaged in research at the Digital Society Institute in Berlin to find ways of making the digital future more secure. TÜV NORD is supporting her project with a grant.
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What is a ‘good’ hacker?
Cyber attacks are an increasing threat to private individuals, companies and government agencies alike – the consequences can be immense. To avoid these, TÜViT experts uncover vulnerabilities and provide security. #explore got straight to the point with Dennis Schröder.
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