Validation services for electronic signatures, seals & time stamps: Planning, review & certification of your trust service

Becoming a qualified Trust Service Provider (TSP) for validation services

Everything is becoming increasingly digital. This also applies above all to documentation: Documents signed by hand are increasingly giving way to their electronic counterpart, the digitally signed or time-stamped document.

As a Trust Service Provider of validation services, you represent an important part of this development and support companies on their way to the use of paperless documentation to the greatest extent possible. However, if you would like to become a qualified Trust Service Provider and be officially included in the European eIDAS Trusted Service List (TSL), your service must fulfill the security requirements set forth in the eIDAS Regulation.

We will support you in this – irrespective of whether you are currently still in the process of setting up or developing your service, whether it is already prepared for a conformity assessment or whether you need renewed proof of the implementation of the applicable provisions of the eIDAS Regulation. From the planning of your services and the required checks to the conformity assessment or re-certification, we offer you exactly the service that is in line with your current situation.

Furthermore, we will prepare you for any upcoming certification in the form of customized workshops or provide you with insights into the world of eIDAS & ETSI as part of our eIDAS.PROFESSIONAL training courses.

Our services in the field of validation services


Training courses introducing you to the world of eIDAS & ETSI

Project-specific workshops to prepare for certification

Support for the development of technical infrastructures

Gap analysis of the implemented documents or processes

Certification/conformity assessment in accordance with eIDAS or ETSI

The standards we use to audit:


Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401 Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401 Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401 Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401

ETSI EN 319 401

Electronic signatures and Infrastructures (ESI); General Policy Requirements for Trust Service Providers

Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401 Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401 Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401 Validation Services: Testing according to ETSI EN 319 401

ETSI TS 119 441

Guidelines & security requirements for Trust Service Providers who offer validation services

Validation Services: Testing according to eIDAS Regulation Validation Services: Testing according to eIDAS Regulation Validation Services: Testing according to eIDAS Regulation Validation Services: Testing according to eIDAS Regulation

eIDAS Regulation

Article 32: Requirements for the validation of qualified electronic signatures;
Article 33: Qualified validation service for qualified electronic signatures

Your benefits at a glance

  • European recognition: Your service will be included in the European eIDAS Trusted Service List (TSL).
  • Entry into the European market: Successful certification will enable you to access the European single market.
  • Approval as qualified Trust Service Provider: You can provide objective evidence that you meet the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation and are approved as a qualified Trust Service Provider.
  • Identification of areas in need of optimization: You will be made aware of existing deviations and specific potential for improvement regarding the eIDAS-compliant implementation of your validation service.
  • Training your employees with regard to eIDAS: Our training prepares your employees for the examination aspects of the eIDAS Conformity Assessment and turns them into in-house eIDAS.PROFESSIONALs.

What are validation services?

Validation services are indispensable for assessing the accuracy and integrity of electronically signed, sealed or time-stamped documents. They also ensure transparency. Users can immediately determine whether, for example, the certificate being used for signature creation or seal creation was valid at the time of signing or sealing. Validation services therefore check whether the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation for a (qualified) electronic signature or seal are being fulfilled in order to confirm or disprove its validity.

Why we are a strong partner for you


Our experienced experts have already successfully completed more than 500 PKI projects of various sizes, some of which were transnational.

Industry experience

Due to many years of experience in different branches of industry we can serve companies from a wide range of industries.

Everything from a single source

We offer an all-round eIDAS package: From training and workshops, planning support and audits all the way to conformity assessment (certification).

Tailor-made for you

We focus on individual services - and solutions - that optimally fit your current company situation and your set goals.

International network of experts

Around the globe: We consult and support you both nationally and internationally. Our global network of experts is ready to help you in word and deed in all IT security issues.


Our employees are not subject to any conflicts of interest, as they are not committed to any product suppliers, system integrators, stakeholders, interest groups or government agencies.
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