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Do good and talk about it

The TÜViT Software Check is a dual system. True to the motto "do good", we support software developers with the CODE SENSOR in the development of high-quality and secure source code. With the CODE SCORE MATRIX, we make your software quality visible in a unique quality label and provide a powerful argument in software sales.

Meaningful & prominent advertising

The CODE SCORE MATRIX is a meaningful scoring system for the quality and security of software code. The visualization takes the form of a prominent label from the hand of an independent testing service provider. As an alternative to software certification, the CODE SCORE MATRIX can be used for self-confident advertising.


The CODE SENSOR is a simple Testing-as-a-Service (TaaS) solution based on powerful sensor technology for analyzing source codes. Whether during development or for testing open source components in preparation for integration, the CODE SENSOR provides software developers with active and uncomplicated support in every phase of the lifecycle

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For advertisers

Opens doors on the software market

Software eats the world – and is now increasingly used across-the-board, embedded in applications or in a large number of technical products in business, administration and society as a whole. The software market has therefore become huge, but also confusing. But how do software and device manufacturers who incorporate software into their components become visible in the jungle of the many providers?

With the Code Score Matrix, TÜViT provides those responsible for marketing and sales at software and device manufacturers with a convincing argumentation and sales tool with respect to various customer segments. As a meaningful scoring system, the Code Score Matrix is a convincing indicator of software quality and security with steadily growing potential in product marketing.

The Code Score Matrix is based on a fully automated software check by TÜViT. A Code Sensor identifies potential vulnerabilities and the degree of fragmentation of the source code. You can find out more about the Code Sensor and how software developers can also benefit from it here.

High score for your software

The software check is then processed in a representative Code Score Matrix. The scoring principle is very simple: The larger the rectangle, the larger the code base. Areas of potential defect density are shown in shades of red, while areas of low defect density are in shades of green. It is clear to every observer at first glance: this software has quality.

The road there is sometimes long. How software can develop positively during the course of the optimization process can be found here. We support your developers in this.

Marketeers benefit from the following

Quality at first sight

With our scoring system, you can place a highly visible exclamation mark behind the quality and security of your software.

Gaining trust

Convince your customers with the software check of a globally recognized testing services provider.

Becoming better & visible

Make the continuous improvement process of your software visible with the Code Score Matrix.

Added value in your media

TÜViT provides the Code Score Matrix in a visually appealing and meaningful label. Marketing Managers of software and device manufacturers can integrate the Code Score Matrix directly into the company’s own corporate design in a variety of ways in accordance with TÜViT’s terms of use.

For developers













Testing as a Service (TaaS)

In a bundle with the Code Score Matrix, TÜViT has launched a code sensor that provides optimum support to developers in the design process with regard to more software quality and security. The special highlight: the code analysis is outsourced without any source code that needs to be protected leaving the development environment.1)



Improving software quality and security is one of the Herculean tasks of many manufacturers and is often complex and time-consuming. With the Code Sensor, TÜViT offers a convincing “Testing as a Service (TaaS)” concept that does not require the selection of test software, downstream license procurement, license management or any extensive user training. The results are processed in no time using the Code Score Matrix, a simple but clear identification system. Software development can be this simple.

About the Code Sensor

The Code Sensor is a powerful and at the same time very secure static code scanning tool that checks software code for potential vulnerabilities and the degree of fragmentation. As a portable application, the sensor can be run immediately and without installation on all common Windows 10 (64-bit) systems. It does not require any network connections to the outside. The actual scanning of software code can therefore be carried out entirely “offline” in the customer’s own IT environment.

The Code Sensor currently only processes C/C++ code. At the same time it delivers a high level of performance: Even several million lines of code can be scanned within a few hours. The parser is error-tolerant and reliably processes even non-compilable code. A real-time-capable code sensor with direct result transmission to TÜViT can be provided if required.

The Code Sensor shows its strength not only when used as an accompaniment to development, but also for the analysis of open source components to prepare for integration and in code optimization.

At first glance a clear result

Example 1

Good modularization of the source code with few critical positions.

Example 2

Poor modularization of the source code with a high density of potential security deficits overall.

Example 3

Extensive software project with an accumulation of potential defects in an individual area.

Example 4

Good source code quality overall.

Software developers benefit from the following

In the sprint to the test result

The Code Sensor is completely automated. This ensures speed and fast test results.

Wide range of tests

Scans C/C++ codes for over 50 different error classes

A sure thing

The actual scanning process is carried out in your own IT environment. Your source code never leave your premises.1)

Testing as a service (TaaS)

Directly to the test result without any software selection, license procurement or training

Millions of lines of code

Scans several million lines of code in a few hours through parallel scanning processes

Security by Design

Detect hotspots, potential vulnerabilities and fragmentation in good time

The analytical results may contain detailed information on the potential vulnerabilities found, including limited information on the functions and data entities affected in the code.

Curious about your software quality?

Generating the Code Score Matrix is very simple and safe. After the assignment, we provide our customers with the Code Sensor via download (1). The software code (2) is scanned offline in the customer’s own software environment. In this way, manufacturers of software products and devices protect their most valuable asset: the source code of their products. The documentation of the results is generated in a standard format and can be viewed with standard tools before being sent to TÜViT. Your advantage: full transparency and data control! After the submission of the documented results to TÜViT (3), we take over the analysis of the results (4) and send the finished Code Score Matrix to customers.


It’s as simple as this: to the Code Score Matrix in just 4 steps

Download the sensor
Scan the code
Submit the result
Receive the analysis & Code Source Matrix

Order now and start the scan

Download: Sample of a Code Matrix

Effective advertising with our labeling system!

  • Simple and striking results matrix
  • Published by an independent testing institute

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And it’s as simple as this:

  • Place the order: 2.950,- € plus VAT
  • Download the Code Sensor and start scanning
  • Receive the Code Matrix and advertise

Your individual Code Matrix still contains red areas?

You are dissatisfied with the result of the analysis? If so, first take a look at the individual detailed report. Here you will find an individual listing of the findings. Upon request we can also support you with the detailed analysis. We will be pleased to provide you with a non-binding offer for this.