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The TSI.PROFESSIONAL training conveys detailed information about the assessment and certification of high available data center infrastructures according to Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) in the context of the EN 50600. Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) is a proven method for the assessment and certification of the physical security and availability of data centers established in 2002.

The training aids in the designing, construction and operation of data centers in alignment with the TSI/EN50600 requirements.


The TSI.PROFESSIONALS here listed have fulfilled the following requirements:

  • participation at the two day TSI.PROFESSIONAL training
  • at least 3 years of relevant work experience in the data center environment (DC-Designer, DC-Consultant, DC-Operator…); submission of CV with related qualifications and/or proof of experience
  • successful completion of the exam at the end of the training

TSI.PROFESSIONALS do not work on behalf of TÜViT, also they are not through TÜViT approved TSI Auditors. There will be no statement conducted regarding the specific qualifications of the TSI.PROFESSIONALS.

The TSI.PROFESSIONAL status is valid for two years.


NameFirst nameCompanyCountryValid untill
AhrensAndreasDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.10.2020
AlbisserPiusDätwyler Cabling Solutions AGSwitzerland31.07.2020
AustMichaelICT Facilities GmbHGermany30.06.2020
BeckmannSimonIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.12.2021
BörnerAlexanderDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.08.2021
ConradDirkT-Systems International GmbHGermany31.12.2021
DittmannMaximilianICT Facilities GmbHGermany30.06.2020
EiflerMichaelDrees & Sommer SEGermany30.06.2020
FallerJensGHMT AGGermany30.11.2019
FrankeMathiasDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.10.2020
FrischkornOliverT-Systems International GmbHGermany31.12.2021
García RicoRafaelNixval DatacenterSpain30.04.2021
GoetzMaximilianDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.12.2021
GräberErikGHMT AGGermany30.11.2020
GrünerStefanGHMT AGGermany30.11.2020
HaertelMarcusBWI GmbHGermany31.12.2021
HillerKlausIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.03.2021
HöhneAndreasDrees & Sommer SEGermany30.06.2020
HöhneMarcWipro Technologies GmbHGermany31.12.2021
IdeSebastianIBM Detschland GmbHGermany31.07.2021
KellerKaiSchwarz ITGermany31.12.2021
KempermanDriesZentrys Nederlands B.V.Netherlands30.05.2021
KempfJensBWI GmbHGermany31.12.2021
KenterSebastianKenter EDV ConsultingGermany31.03.2021
KirmanMehmetIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.12.2021
KönigLindaIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.07.2021
LoerKeesZentrys Nederlands B.V.Netherlands30.05.2021
MairManuelVertiv GmbHGermany31.07.2020
MalyStephanIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.03.2021
MeixnerGeorgIBM AustriaAustria31.07.2021
MeyerJensDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.10.2020
NattererMatthias42N AGSwiss31.07.2021
PhilipsenAndreasSVA System Vertrieb Alexander GmbHGermany31.12.2021
Prud’HommePhilippeEllipse Projects S.A.S.                        France30.04.2021
RabandaMichaelnoris network AGGermany28.02.2021
Ramos SalgadoIsidro Aeon Ingeniería S.L.Spain30.04.2021
RempelStanislavDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.08.2021
RoitherDirkdtm Datentechnik Moll GmbHGermany31.07.2020
SchanzeJörgIBM SchweizSwiss31.07.2021
SchmidtAndreasDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.03.2021
SchmidtHeinrichDrees & Sommer SEGermany30.06.2020
SchmidtHolgerprosozial GmbHGermany31.07.2020
SchmidtSebastianT-Systems International GmbHGermany31.12.2021
SchusterKlausICT Facilities GmbHGermany30.06.2020
SippelFloriannoris network AGGermany28.02.2021
StrahinjicDamirDrees & Sommer SEGermany31.08.2021
Suárez GancedoBenjamín MAPFRE SASpain30.04.2021
UscholdChristiannoris network AGGermany28.02.2021
VreeburgHansZentrys Nederlands B.V.Netherlands30.05.2021
WaldmannSophiaIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.12.2021
WilleCarstenIBM Deutschland GmbHGermany31.12.2021
WlodarekMichaelBWI GmbHGermany31.07.2021
WölpertRalphICT Facilities GmbHGermany30.06.2020
ZanderGert-JohannesDrees & Sommer SEGermany30.06.2020

Mario Lukas

Senior Account Manager Data Center

+49 201 8999-567
Fax: +49 201 8999-555

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