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Our TSI.PROFESSIONAL Training teaches you the basics of planning, building and operating data centers, taking into account aspects of physical security, availability and energy efficiency. As part of the training, you will gain an in-depth insight into our successful Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) methodology for the evaluation and certification of data centers of all types: Enterprise DCs, Colocation DCs and Cloud DCs.

TSI is an established and proven method for evaluation and certifying mission critical infrastructures in data centers that has been in use since 2002. The basis for this is the TSI.STANDARD criteria catalog. It takes into account the relevant European and international standards - in particular the EN 50600. Since the latest revision (V4.5), the published parts of the ISO/IEC 22237 standard are also covered. Since then, the TSI.STANDARD has been continuously developed with the aim of always reflecting the state of the art and standardization. It also takes into account the findings from the daily practice of over 1,800 projects in the sense of "best practices".

In the course of our TSI.PROFESSIONAL Training, you will gain a deeper insight into the currently available TSI criteria catalogs and the associated requirements and processes. The structure, application and differences are explained. You will have the opportunity to ask your individual questions at any time.

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Goals of the TSI.PROFESSIONAL Training

The training shall enable you to:

understand the TSI methodology,

correctly interpret the TSI assessment and certification scheme

apply the criteria catalogs correctly in practice and

align designs in accordance with TSI.

You can also complete the training with an optional exam and achieve TSI.PROFESSIONAL status, which is then valid for 24 months.

Your benefits at a glance

You will be recognised as a TSI.PROFESSIONAL and listed as such on our website for 24 months.

Benefit from competitive advantages
You will gain valuable competitive advantages for future tenders for data center projects. 

Official confirmation of participation
You will receive a certificate of attendance in digital form for your records.

Best possible project preparation
You will be optimally prepared if a TSI, EN 50600 and/or ISO/IEC 22237 project is on the horizon. 

Targeted expansion of knowledge
Following our training, you will be better able to interpret, understand and communicate TSI content.

Target group of the TSI.PROFESSIONAL training

 Data center designers, consultants and general contractors

 Architecture and building services engineering firms involved in the planning and construction of high-availability data centers

 Operators and users of critical data center infrastructures

 Employees of compliance departments

Knowledge of data centers and prior knowledge of the TSI assessment and certification program, either through self-study or by accompanying certification projects, is recommended, but is not a mandatory requirement.

Contents of the TSI.PROFESSIONAL training

Theoretical contents

  • General introduction to the TSI evaluation and certification programs
    • Scope of application
    • History of the criteria catalog and market development
    • Content and structure of the criteria catalogs
    • Assessment method “Comply or Explain”
    • Special features
    • TSI in the context of other certification programs
    • Different TSI services
  • Documentation requirements
  • Importance, content and structure of a data center manual with security concept and risk analysis
  • Overview of assessment aspects
  • Requirements for organizational aspects and documentation
  • Certification process, the 4W's of certification
  • Procedures for assessment/certification projects
  • Correctly interpreting the assessment report and certification report


Practical contents

  • Conceptual insight into requirements and typical supply concepts according to TSI.STANDARD
  • Comprehensive overview of all assessment areas of the criteria catalog:

ENV: Environment 

CON: Construction

FIR: Fire Protection & Extinguishing Systems

SEC: Security Systems & Organization

CAB: Cabling

POW: Power Supply

ACV: Air Conditioning & Ventilation

ORG: Organization

DOC: Documentation

DDC: Dual Site Data Center  

EFF: Energy Efficiency

PoC: Proof of Concept


  • Practical exercises and examples of individual trades
  • Typical stumbling blocks that require special attention
  • Examination (optional)

Examination & TSI.PROFESSIONAL status

TÜVIT awards TSI.PROFESSIONAL status if the client or training participant fulfils the following requirements:

 Performance of the optional exam

 Successful completion of the examination (the examination will only take place online after the training).

 Participation in all three days of the TSI.PROFESSIONAL Training


Further training courses


We offer supplementary 1-day modules (TSI.INTENSIVE Training) on the topics [ACV] (cooling), [POW] (power) and [EN/ISO] (EN 50600 & ISO/IEC 22237). These modules are intended to deepen and supplement the basic training, but can also be taken individually.

The intensive modules include an in-depth treatment of the individual criteria/requirements, supply concepts depending on the level and availability class for implementation in practice.


The "TSI.PROFESSIONAL" status is valid for 24 months and can be extended for a further 24 months as part of a one-day TSI.PROFESSIONAL Update Ttraining. The update training takes place on 1-2 dates per year.

The content of each update training course is always planned and developed individually. The level of knowledge of the participants (from the last TSI.PROFESSIONAL (Update) Training) is taken into account as far as possible..

As an alternative to the general training dates, we also offer tailor-made inhouse training courses. You can request your individual offer conveniently online.

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