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The TSI.PROFESSIONAL Data Center Training teaches you the fundamentals of data center’s design, construction and operation principles with regard to availability and physical security aspects. Furthermore you will gain a deep dive into our successful Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) method for the auditing and certification of data centers. TSI is a proven method for the assessment and certification of data centers mission critical infrastructures established 20 years ago, that implements the best practices in the industry such as the European Norm EN 50600. Benefit from the experience and know-how from more than 1.000 data center assessment and certification projects solved. 

In our TSI.PROFESSIONAL data center training the linked requirements and processes are presented in detail and the students gain deeper insights into the current TSI criteria catalogs.

Furthermore, the students will receive a good overview of the TSI structure, application and processes. Our trainers will respond to each participant’s questions individually.

The training shall enable the students to  

  • understand the TSI method,
  • interpret properly the TSI assessment and certification scheme,
  • apply the criteria catalogs in practice and
  • align the design in a compliant manner.

The participants can complete the training with an optional examination and if they fulfill certain defined requirements will gain a TSI.PROFESSIONAL status.


Target Group of the TSI.PROFESSIONAL training

  • data center designers, data center advisors & general contractors

  • architects and project manager dealing with the design and construction of high available data centers

  • operators and users of mission critical infrastructures

Contents of the TSI.PROFESSIONAL training

Theoretical part
  • general introduction to the TSI certification programs
    • area of application
    • history of the criteria catalog and market development
    • contents and structure of the criteria catalogs
    • assessment method "Comply or Explain"
    • special features
    • TSI in the context of other inspection programs
    • differentiations among the TSI services
  • documentation requirements
  • importance, contents and structure of a security concept and a risk analysis
  • overview of assessment aspects, requirements and criteria in the context of EN 50600
  • certification process, the key questions on data center certification
  • processes during assessment/certification projects
  • correct interpretation of the planning evaluation report and the certification report
Practical part
  • typical supply concepts according to TSI.STANDARD and TSI.EN50600
  • deeper insights into the assessment areas of the criteria catalog POW, ACV, CAB, FIR, CON, ENV, ORG, SEC, DDC, DOC

TSI: areas of the criteria catalog

  • practical exercises and examples on individual trades
  • typical obstacles requiring special attention
  • exam (optional)


Your benefits at a glance

  • You will be awarded as a TSI.PROFESSIONAL (listed on TÜViT's website for 24 months)
  • You gain competitive advantages in bids for data center projects
  • You are able to better interpret and understand TSI contents
  • You are well prepared when a TSI/EN50600 project is imminent

Exam and TSI.PROFESSIONAL status

TÜViT will award a TSI.PROFESSIONAL Status if the student meets the following requirements:

  • application for the optional exam
  • participation in the TSI.PROFESSIONAL training
  • at least three years of relevant professional experience within a data center environment (as a data center planner, data center advisor, data center operator or similar); a CV (with respective proof of qualification and/or experience) must be submitted
  • successful completion of the online-exam after the training  

The status will be valid for 24 months.

As an alternative to the general training dates, we also offer tailor-made inhouse training courses. You can request your individual offer conveniently online.

You have questions? We are pleased to help!

Karim Marcel Odeh

Account Manager Data Center

+49 201 8999-580

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