The workshop as the foundation for assessment, audit and certification

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The one-day workshop gives you a good overview of the current security status of your data center. It is designed to provide you with everything worth knowing about the assessment and certification of data center infrastructures under the scope of Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) in the context of EN 50600. You are thus optimally prepared for the audit and certification process.


Online Workshop

  • 2 days, max. 4 hours
  • max. 10 participants
  • required are a laptop or tablet with a stable internet connection, a webcam, a headset and a conference tool, for example Microsoft Teams or Webex
  • Price: 2.250,- € plus VAT


The demand for certifications is continually increasing

The need and therefore the demand for data center certifications has become very popular. But which of the many certificates actually make sense? What is the difference between the certification providers?

For example, data center operators are often not aware that there is a difference between the ISO management and organizational standards on the one hand, and technical security on the other. Many think that certification according to ISO 27001 covers everything, but overlook the fact that the standard is not based on a detailed technical analysis.

Aim of the workshop

The workshop gives clarity about the different standards and audit specifications, such as TSI and EN 50600, and their requirements for physical security and availability. Together with the participants, we go through the audit procedures of TÜViT’s own developed TSI criteria catalogs (TSI.STANDARD or TSI.EN50600), the assessment aspects, and the requirements for the different certificate levels (level 1 to level 4) in detail.

When it comes to the assessment or certification of an existing data center, the participants receive an assessment of its certifiability after an onsite inspection. We provide initial information regarding non-conformances relative to the audit criteria and existing documentation.

During the workshop, we answer any project-specific questions, discuss the further procedure with the participants, and make available material for the completion of further steps. At the end of the workshop, you therefore know what level your data center is currently at.

Our services at a glance

Presentation of the assessment, audit & certification procedure

Detailed presentation & discussion of the criteria and assessment aspects

Assignment of the requirements to the various certificate levels (level 1 - 4)

Information on the content & development of a security concept

On-site inspection of the data center, or consultation of the plans in the case of a new construction project

Clarification of project-specific questions

Discussion of the further procedure

Your benefits at a glance

  • you will receive clarity regarding interfaces with other standards and management standards, such as ISO 27001
  • the workshop provides you with the perfect basis for the decision-making process
  • you will receive optimal preparation for a certification
  • your project team will share a uniform level of knowledge
  • you will receive the TSI criteria catalogs (TSI.STANDARD & TSI.EN50600)
  • you will benefit from the experience and knowledge of the market leader
  • we add value from the strong TÜViT brand, its high market acceptance and through the established method of TSI
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