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Since 2002, the TÜViT evaluation body for data protection has been evaluating IT procedures, organizations and their parts (data protection management systems) – and since 2006 with the Trusted Site Privacy certification mark. The data privacy assessment is based on a comprehensive and legally-compliant test approach. Thanks to our one-stop-shop approach, we ensure integrated security.


Our approach

TÜViT has developed a certification procedure which combines both evaluation of the data protection level and security of IT systems. The basis of evaluation includes, inter alia, the quid! criteria which are used to assess quality in company data protection. They were developed during a two-year research project with over 80 experts and still represent the core of the requirements of the Trusted Site Privacy criteria catalog. TÜViT has the sole rights to carry out certifications on the basis of these criteria.

Evaluation criteria

The evaluation of data protection compliance is carried out by legal and technical experts from the TÜViT data protection evaluation body. This is based on the analysis of the documents and the results of the on-site audit.

Legal compliance

  • legitimacy of data processing
  • legal compliance of each phase of data processing
  • compliance with data protection regulations
  • rules for contract data processing
  • compliance with the rights of the parties concerned
  • notification, information and disclosure obligations

Transparency and support for the parties affected

  • transparency of the data protection policy
  • transparency of the data protection documentation
  • support for the parties affected in exercising their rights

Technical and organizational measures

  • technical security and specific organizational requirements regarding the target of evaluation

Data protection management

  • data protection policy and work instructions
  • risk analysis
  • regular checks to improve the data protection measures, continuous improvement process
  • qualification of staff
  • performance conditions of the data protection officer
  • documentation of the data protection measures

Our services at a glance

  • determination of the target of evaluation scoping in an introductory workshop
  • review of the documentation
  • on-site audit of the performance conditions for data protection in the company
  • if all criteria are fulfilled, a certificate is issued and published on the TÜVIT website

Your benefits at a glance

  • with TÜViT you have of one of the leading IT security experts by your side that brings together skills in the fields of data protection and IT security
  • compliance with data protection is confirmed by means of certification
  • only valid procedures and criteria make it possible to distinguish between true proof of conformity and simple declaration of conformity

TÜViT ensures integrated security: data protection and security from one source.

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