Testing of crypto modules and crypto algorithms

FIPS PUB 140-3 is the de facto standard for the testing of crypto modules. With its compliance and certification, the requirements of the United States and Canadian public authorities are fulfilled. Therefore, IT manufacturers who want to market products with encryption components in the USA generally require certification according to FIPS 140-3.

The TÜViT test laboratory is the only one in Germany (NVLAP Lab Code: 200636-0) that is approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, USA) for testing and validation according to FIPS PUB 140-3.


A FIPS-140-3 evaluation body since 2005

Crypto products used by public authorities in the USA must be certified according to FIPS 140-3. However, validation or certification according to the US standard is required not only there, but also by banks, as their critical data must be cryptographically protected. Cryptographic mechanisms are being used in more and more IT products. In addition to the classic hardware security modules, storage media with hardware encryption, software modules, VPN solutions or smart cards are often also certified according to FIPS 140-3. This involves not only the security requirements for cryptographic algorithms, but also physical security.

TÜViT has been a reliable partner for companies who want to have their algorithm implementations and crypto modules tested and certified according to FIPS PUB 140-3 since 2005. Depending on the security requirements, companies can choose between four security levels against which the crypto module is tested.

Our services at a glance

  • validation tests on implementations of cryptographic algorithms with the aim of certification with CAVP (Cryptographic Algorithm Validation Program)
  • validation tests on crypto modules (hardware, firmware, software or hybrid) according to FIPS PUB 140-3 with the aim of certification with CMVP (Cryptographic Module Validation Program)
  • pre-validation workshops to clarify the extent to which an existing or planned crypto module fulfills the requirements or what amendments need to be made
  • project consulting and document creation
  • additionally, we offer side-channel analyses, since FIPS 140-3 does not provide for vulnerability analysis

Your benefits at a glance

  • testing and validation according to the US standard FIPS 140-3 by a German provider
  • personal communication on your premises
  • takeover of the communication with the certification body in the USA/Canada
  • support from the only approved FIPS 140-3 evaluation body in Germany
  • you benefit from more than ten years of experience with FIPS 140-3 validations
  • services that go beyond the actual certification (for example side-channel analysis)
  • compliance with the regulatory requirements through compliance testing (high relevance, inter alia, in the field of cards, payment transactions and the banking sector)

Project examples

TÜViT has successfully implemented the following projects in the FIPS 140-3 environment, among others:

  • Apollo OS by SCsquare (SC2), Israel
    • smart card operating system, firmware, security level 3
  • banksys DEP/PCI by Atos Worldline, Belgium
    • hardware security module, hardware/firmware, security level 3
  • Java Card Platform Implementation by ORACLE, USA
    • Java Card operating system, firmware, security level 3
  • PSD-I by FRAMA, Switzerland
    • hardware security module, hardware/firmware, security level 3
  • SAP Secure Login Library Crypto Kernel by SAP, Germany
    • crypto library for various operating systems, software, security level 1
  • Secure Mobile by Digital Defence, UK
    • security extension for Windows Mobile, software, security level 1
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