Conformity Assessment

The Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) method, which has been in existence for 20 years now, with the two criteria catalogues TSI.STANDARD and TSI.EN50600, has a wide range of possible applications. One of them is to use them as a method for conformity assessments (also called GAP analysis or Health Checks) for physical security and availability of data centers.

Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI)

Particularly in the age of cloud services and co-location offerings, more and more companies are deciding to outsource their data centers because of the associated cost benefit for outsourcing their IT installations. This raises the question of quality guarantees. With TSI and the corresponding criteria catalogues developed by TÜViT, tools are available that enable companies to specify their requirements for the co-location provider in detail or to request proof from neutral third parties. It is not only the power supply and the cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation system that play a role in ensuring the physical security and availability of a data center. TSI offers you a comprehensive and established approach with requirement defined in the areas of environment, construction, fire detection and extinguishing systems, security systems and organization, cabling, power supply, ventilation and air conditioning systems, organization and documentation. TSI systematically uncovers all potential risks and weaknesses of a data center. It ensures availability and physical security if you use it to your advantage.

Our services at a glance

  • Provision of our assessment basis and introduction to the our assessment method through a workshop,
  • analysis of provided documents and plans for the objects,
  • inspection and intensive examination of the infrastructure on site and
  • the preparation of a meaningful evaluation report.

Analysis of documents

Inspection of the infrastructure on site

Reveals risks & weaknesses through a meaningful evaluation report


Your advantages

  • Reveals risks and weaknesses
  • Comprehensive assessment basis for data centers that has proven itself over 20 years
  • Tendering procedures are simplified as the criteria catalogues define clear and comprehensible objectives.
  • Conformity assessments can lead to a smooth TSI or EN 50600 certification,
  • Use of comprehensive technical expertise: together with colleagues from TÜV NORD, TÜViT has a team of over 25 experienced specialists for all the individual trades involved in a data center.
  • There is no need to rely on operator statements, no need for time-consuming own assessments to bring about decisions. The evaluation can simply be purchased.
  • First-hand assessment by the market leader.

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Further services

DIN EN 50600: Die europäische Norm für Rechenzentren

EN 50600 – questions and answers

EN 50600 represents the first international European standard that uses a holistic approach to make comprehensive specifications for the planning, new construction and operation of a data center. What is EN 50600? What benefits does EN 50600 bring?
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Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI)

Trusted Site Infrastructure - the de facto standard for data centers. TSI is a method for the evaluation and certification of physical security and availability of data centers established since 2002.
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The two-day TSI.PROFESSIONAL training teaches all necessary information regarding the evaluation and certification of Data Centers physical security and availability according to Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) in context with DIN EN 50600.
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The one-day workshop gives you a good overview of the current security status of your data center. It is designed to provide you with everything worth knowing about the assessment of data center infrastructure under Trusted Site Infrastructure (TSI) in the context of EN 50600.
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Design Assessment

The successful development of a highly available data center under the Trusted Site Infrastructure criteria begins in the planning phase. During this stage, TÜViT supports operators and planners of IT infrastructures.
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For the smooth and fault-free operation of a data center, the proper functioning of critical supply infrastructure plays a decisive role. Therefore, they are at the focus of extensive test processes, which are typically performed before the data center commences operation.
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Energy Efficiency

The Trusted Site eEfficiency audit and certification program supports the operators of data centers in developing systems and processes that allow the continuous improvement of their energy efficiency.
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With certification under the TSI (Trusted Site Infrastructure) criteria catalog developed by TÜViT, which also covers the European data center standard EN 50600 in full, data center operators are in the clear.
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